A Guide For E-commerce Business Startup

Selection Of Products And Identifying The Platforms To Sell:

Know About The Demand Of Your Product Concept:

Craft A Business Plan:

  • What type of product you’ll offer and how you’ll get it to sell.
  • How much your business will cost and what you’ll charge to sell the products.(the profit ratio).
  • Defining your target market(audience) And how you’ll market your products.
  • Who are your competitors and how you’ll be unique from them.

In-Depth Details Of Your Branding:

  • Research for a good Brand name that should be appealing or a name which can be related to your product that you’ll be selling.
  • Search for a URL for your E-commerce website that relates to your Brand name or it has your brand name in it.
  • And Brand styling which consists of your brand colors, fonts, logo, and all of your eCommerce website design.

Creation Of Online Store:

SEO And Marketing




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